General Terms and Conditions


1.Our Terms and Conditions are applicable to any agreements related to events in the conference, banquet, and restaurant rooms, as well as to any reservations (= rental) of hotel rooms and any related goods and services rendered. They also apply to other rooms, display cabinets, wall and other areas that the Hotel places at the Client's disposal. 

2. Reserved rooms are available to the Client as of 3pm. On the agreed departure date, rooms must be vacated and made available to the hotel no later than 12pm. If there is no express agreement on a later time of arrival, the Hotel reserves the right to assign the room to another client or purpose after 6pm without the Client being able to derive any claim from this. The Client does not acquire the right to be provided specific rooms or spaces. If these were promised at order confirmation, but are not available, the Hotel shall be obliged to seek an equivalent substitute in the Hotel or in other properties.

3. Through the acceptance of hotel room reservations by the Hotel, a binding rental agreement shall become effective. The relevant statutory provisions are applicable to this agreement. Specifically, the Client is not allowed to rescind the agreement unilaterally. In the case of non-utilization, the Hotel is therefore entitled to charge the full rental amount (= agreed room rate) less saved expenses. The Client is at liberty to furnish proof of  lower damage.

4. If the Client is not the event organizer, the Client is equally liable vis-à-vis the Hotel as the organizer, and as joint and several debtor together with the organizer. 

5. If there are fewer participants or guests than agreed, the Client shall effect payment according to the number informed or at least the number agreed on. If there are more participants than anticipated, goods and services provided will be billed according to the actual number of participants. 

6. In general, the Client is not allowed to bring food and/or drink to events. In exceptional cases (e. g., national specialties), a written agreement may be reached. In any case, the Hotel will charge a service fee and/or corkage.

7. The use of decoration and other materials is subject to prior approval by the Hotel, and any such materials must be in accordance with local fire authority regulations. It is the Client's responsibility to contact the local fire prevention office in order to clarify possible doubts. Decoration material brought in by the Client must be removed 24 hours after the event, at the latest. Thereafter, the Hotel is entitled to dispose of the material at the Client's expense.  

8. In the case of events that exceed the contractual time, or extend beyond the 11pm time limit, the Hotel may charge additional fees, particularly for expenses incurred for subsequent events and staff. 

9. The Client is liable to the Hotel for any damages or losses that occur during the duration of the contract, unless the damage falls into the responsibility of the Hotel or was caused by a third party.

10. Insomuch as the Hotel procures technical or other equipment, it acts on behalf of and for account of the Client. The Client is liable for the careful use and duly return of this equipment and exempts the Hotel from any claims by third parties that may arise from the provision of this equipment.

11. It is the Client's responsibility to procure permits by public authorities that may be required for the event in a timely fashion and at his own expense. The Client is obligated to comply with requirements under public law and other provisions. Fees and taxes payable to third parties, especially GEMA fees, amusement tax, etc., are to be paid by the Client directly to the respective creditors.

12. Newspaper ads as well as other advertising measures and publications that include a reference to the Hotel and/or, for example, invitations to job interviews or sales events, require the written consent of the Hotel. If substantial interests of the Hotel are affected, the Hotel has the right to cancel the event and to claim reimbursement of expenses.

13. The Hotel reserves the right to withdraw from an order if essential elements of the agreement between Client and Hotel have been modified within the time period between conclusion of the contract and utilization of the service

14. Place of fulfillment is the Hotel for both parties. Place of jurisdiction is Rosenheim.

15. Deviating and supplementary agreements as well as side agreements must be in writing in order to be effective. This also applies to the suspension of the requirement of written form. If individual provisions of the contract, including these terms and conditions, are void or ineffective by law, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. In this case, the parties have the obligation to replace the void or ineffective provision by one that is as close as possible to the void or ineffective one.