From where do we start to list all the awards and accolades Heinz Winkler ever has received?
Since 1978 when he was honoured with his first Michelin star and 1982 selected as the youngest three-star cook in the world he is distinguished every year with plural Michelin stars for outstanding culinary excellence.
Also the Gault Millau honours the outstanding accomplishments in service and cooking with 19 or 19,5 points from 20 points. Many other guides are selecting Heinz Winkler and his Residenz as the best again and again.
The "Five Star Diamond Award" of the "American Academy of Hospitality Sciences" also was awarded to Heinz Winkler and this shows his worldwide reputation.
The greatest awards for Heinz Winkler however are not stars and trophies but the happiness of his guests enjoying his culinary art and his beautiful house.