Wild Raspberry Gratin on Almond Mousse                               Dessert


Serves 4


Gratin mixture:

4                                egg yolks

100 g                        sugar

25 g                          marzipan

1 tbsp                       amaretto

100 g                       whipped cream

Almond mousse:

125 g                       whipped cream

2 tbsp                      almond syrup

2 tbsp                      amaretto

200 g                       fresh wild raspberries

2 tbsp                      Grand Marnier

½ tbsp                      sugar

Saft von ½ Zitrone

4 tbsp                         roasted sliced almonds






To make the gratin mixture, blend egg yolks and sugar in a food processor. Combine marzipan and Amaretto and knead until smooth, then add to egg mixture in theform of very fine flakes, stirring constantly. Fold in the whipped cream.

to make the almond mousse, flavor whipped cream by adding almond syrup and Amaretto.

Combine and heat raspberries, Grand Marnier, sugar and lemon juice.

To finish:

Spread almond mousse evenly into four deep plates and smooth our. On each plate, sprinkle one tablespoon of sliced almonds and spoon hot raspberries on top. Top raspberries with the gratin mixture and broil in oven until golden brown.