Plunge into the World of SENSAI

Luminous Skin
Intensive energy supply the skin
Vitality, luminosity, even skin tone
90 min.       including  silk powder massage                                     120,-
Boosts muscle elasticity
Naturally lifts to create defined contours and taut skin
90 min.      including  silk powder massage                                      120,-
Wrinkle Care
Reduces wrinkles. Promotes strength and elasticity while
intensively smoothing the skin
90 min.       including silk powder massage                                       120,-
SILKY SKIN Facial Treatment for Ultimate
The ultimate treatment for reducing all signs of skin ageing
Refines and smoothens, promoting vitality, elasticity and radiance
to reveal plump, strong skin with an even tone
100 min.       including silk powder massage                                    160,-
SILKY SKIN Facial Treatment  for Men
Intensive moisture and regeneration for men´s skin
Promotes freshness and vitality while smoothing and tightening the skin                             
75min.                                                                                                      85,-
Intensive Treatment for Eyes
Intensive treatment for the delicate area surrounding the eyes
Reveals radiant, plimp, smooth taut skin
20 min.                                                                                                      35,-
Silky Body Treatment                                                        
Each SENSAI body treatment begins with an exclusive SENSAI silk body peel.
This peel is then removed with warm compresses, leaving the skin perfectly prepared for the following one-hour body massage. A special oil is used for this massage, which activates and intensively boosts the lymphatic flow, as well as the skin's micro-circulation and energy flow. Tension is removed from the muscles, and the shiatsu pressure points are targeted for additional relaxation. The skin is then cleansed with warm compresses and pampered with luxury products specifically tailored to your skin's needs.
Firming and Toning
Intensive regeneration
Boosts elasticity and vitality, smoothens the skin
90 min.                                                                                                    120,-
Stress Relief
Deep skin moisturisation
Fresh, supple, plump skin             
90 min.                                                                                                  120,-
Silhouette Contouring
Reduces volume and build-up of excess fluids
Creates defined contours, tightens, detoxifies

90 min.                                                                                                 120,-
Skin Care products of  SENSAI, Sisley and alessandro are available at Vital Resort!