Heinz Winkler

Heinz Winklers culinary handwriting is unmistakable and he did not let himself dissuade from this taken path. His culinary art is characterized by the concentration on the essential and on one main product, enriched by his famous sauces. He developed this unique cooking style very early and will never reduce his efforts to refine his style in nuances.

Born in South Tyrol Heinz Winkler started his unique career in 1963 at the age of only 14 years in the Hotel Laurim in Bozen. Soon he extended his culinary knowledge in famous restaurants in Germany, France, Italy and in Switzerland.

In 1973 he was promoted to chef de cuisine of the Schlosshotel Pontresina and the Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz. In 1978 he was seeking for new challenges and discovered the Nouvelle Cuisine with Paul Bocuse and Eckart Witzigmann. Then he was the head of the legendary Tantris in Munich and was reaching for the stars. In 1981 he was honoured with three Michelin stars.

In 1991 he fulfilled himself a lifelong desire with the Residenz Heinz Winkler in Aschau. With his famous Cuisine Vitale the Residenz is an attraction for guests from all over the world.