Federal Cross of Merit

Heinz Winkler is the first chef in Germany to be awarded the Federal Cross of Merit.
Reasons for the Award:
Star chef Heinz Winkler revived a formerly distinguished tavern from the 14th century and earned the establishment international reputation. At only 31 years of age, Winkler received a gastronomical degree of nobility. As the youngest chef of all times, he was awarded the Guide Michelin's three stars. He has set an example for the youth as he has elevated the professional image of the chef through his top performance, economic independence, entrepreneurial vision, and personal risk-taking.
He has helped cooking to become an art form and a part of cultural heritage, and has built a bridge to the local cultural tradition. He has also created a culinary region. Today, the Residenz Heinz Winkler is the only three-star restaurant in Bavaria.
All in all, Heinz Winkler has decisively contributed to the worldwide reputation of German gastronomy. He has taught at a numerous international cooking schools, e.g. in Italy, Spain, Japan, USA, Hongkong and Thailand.